How to Build a Basement Sauna

  • Peter Selby
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  • July 21, 2015
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    A basement sauna is a relaxing and healthy way to invest a couple of minutes of free time with guests or family members within the walls of your own house. What’s more, you can develop your very own basement sauna and save a package. All you will require are a couple of fundamental tools, materials, the persistence to see the task through, and a set of valuable directions. Here’s how to do it.

    Step 1 – Planning Your Sauna

    Your sauna will certainly require walls, so strategy to build it in a corner where you already have 2 walls. Doing this will certainly conserve you both time and product. To cut expense for heating and product, as well as to conserve time and work, plan to develop a small sauna.

    Step 2 – Framing Your Sauna Wall

    Frame all of your walls and include a 4-inch area in between your sauna wall and the exterior concrete wall. In addition, when you hang your sauna door, build the door frame with a 4-inch area between the door’s bottom edge and the basement floor.

     How to Build a Basement Sauna
    How to Build a Basement Sauna

    Step 3 – Installing Your Heater Power Lines

    Choose beforehand the size of the heater you’ll be setting up. If you have a smaller sauna, you might get by with one that runs with 120-volts. To heat a huge area, you may require a 240-volt heater.

    Now is the time to run the power line to the heater. You can conserve cash by doing it yourself. If you choose employing an electrical expert to run it, make sure to let him understand exactly what voltage you ‘d such as to prepare for.

    Step 4 – Installing Your Sauna Walls

    Install.5-inch plywood on the ceiling, floor, and exterior/interior walls of your sauna. Stain or repaint the plywood.

    Step 5 – Install Cedar Wood on Your Interior Walls

    Connect your cedar boards over the plywood. Use your router or bench saw to produce tongue-and-groove edges on these boards. Doing this enables you making tighter fits that will much better keep heat in your sauna. To attach the cedar boards, utilize screws that are zinc-plated.

    Step 6 – Installing Your Heater

    Put your heater either near a corner of the sauna or in the middle of the floor. Make sure that it is developed for use in a sauna and that it can produce temperature levels of 185 ° F.