How to choose home building contractor

  • Peter Selby
  • July 9, 2015
  • Building a new home can be a difficult procedure and selecting the right contractor is the most best significant feature in determining the success or failure of your home. I suggest you become involved with selecting materials, determining facilities and ultimately commun-icating those decisions with each builder who is bidding on the project you have.

    Before you talk to anyone, do your projects brief:

    First, get all the resolution makers together. Take in everyone husbands, wives or even children. Write down your complete wish list. Think in terms of general priorities first. Make a list of any practicalities that could affect the project collect photos from magazines or websites. Agree your budget now, but recall allowing yourself a little wiggle room for the unforeseen. Think about whether you should hire a professional to manage your project. How long will my home take to complete’? Comparing cost to benefits.

    Now talk with builders hear are the questions to help you with this important decision:

    a) What is your policy on service after the sale and do i receive it in writing’?

    b) How long do you guarantee your workmanship’?

    c) How do you control your sub-contractors if they have to come back after end’?

    d) Is the sub-contractor work guaranteed, if so, by the subcontractor or by you’?

    e) What is your policy on change orders’?

    f) Do you guarantee a completion date, if so, how’?

    g)Are you licensed, if so, by whom and what are the requirements’?

    h) How long have you been in the business and how long on your own’?

    i) Can you provide me with names and phone numbers of the four most recent homeowners you built for’?

    j) do you have a finished home i can see’?

    k) Do you have insurance, liability and workman’s compensation’?

    I) May i see an example of the contract and specification sheet that i will be asked to sign’?

    m) What does your clean up include?

    n) Will you provide me with listed statement and if so, how often during construction’?

    o) In what way do you handle lien wavers’?

    p) What sets you apart from your competi-tion and why should i choose you’?

    q) Can i choose my own suppliers’?

    Weigh the builder’s answers against what is necessary to you and what is appropriate under your circumstances. Then, utilize the information you’ve gathered to make your final decision You will have to live with the choices you make concerning the construction of your new home long after the builder has gone.